How To Get Fabulous Hair Like Deepika Padukone When You Travel

Between hauling baggage and working through a checklist, looking good when travelling can take a backseat and having shiny, happy hair can be a stretch. So how do celebrities like Deepika Padukone dazzle as they walk through the airport with bouncy, silky locks? Today, we’re answering that question. The next time you travel, follow these hair care tips and you’ll have glorious tresses to rival Deepika Padukone’s soon enough!

1. Wrap it up

You can never predict the weather when travelling so a long satin scarf can save the day if things go south for you. If you decide to braid, bun or tie your hair while travelling, a satin scarf can calm down flyways while adding a stylish touch.

2. Serum up

Before you head on your journey, run a few squirts of serum through your locks and massage it into your lengths with your palms. The great thing about serum is that it instantly drives away frizz and smoothens the lengths. So if you want to look good for your welcome party once you reach your destination, turn to serum.

3. Pack the essentials

Don’t rely on the plan that you’ll pick up shampoo and conditioner on the way – that usually never happens. Instead, transfer your staple shampoo and conditioner to tiny travel sized bottles so that you fly past airport security, save space in your baggage and are able to cleanse your hair the second you land.

4. Fight the frizz

Prepare yourself for gusts of breeze when you travel because there’s going to be a lot of it. Since you can’t stop that from happening, keep a detangling brush handy in your purse. The next time your hair gets into a disarray, simply brush away those tangles and knots so that your hair stays smooth and shiny.

5. Don’t forget your scalp

Especially on long journeys, your scalp might have to bear the brunt of the extended hours and humid weather. To keep it free from grease and itchiness, keep a miniature size of dry shampoo in your bag. So if oiliness strikes, simply spritz it and rub – the change will be instantaneous!

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