Diwali Makeup In 10 Minutes Flat – An Expert Tells Us How!

While Diwali can get you excited, putting your best face forward can be an elaborate and tedious process sometimes. At least, that’s what you think. In reality, with the right makeup tips from the experts, it’s possible to put together a Diwali makeup look in 10 minutes flat. We got makeup artist Mansi Mehta Kothari to tell us exactly how to look stunning for Diwali, even while the clock is ticking.

Step 1 – For your eyes, opt for an unconventional pastel toned look – it’ll make sure you stand out in a crowd and be ready in a jiffy! “Over your entire eye-lid, dust a shimmery eyeshadow in a pastel shade like lilac or blush pink,” recommends Mansi. Blend in the edges of the shadow over your lid so that it doesn’t appear stark.

Step 2 – Next, get out a creamy kohl pencil that’s easy to smudge. “Line your upper lash line with a kohl pencil. Then use a narrow pencil brush, or a q-tip if you don’t have one, to smudge the outer end of the shadow,” continues Mansi. This will give your eyes sultry yet effortless definition.

Step 3– Says Mansi, “Use the same kohl to line your lower waterline. Let it set for a few minutes. While it’s setting, curl your eyes with a lash curler and apply 2 – 3 coats of mascara.” Big, bold lashes – we’re coming for you!

Step 4 – For your face, lightweight, radiant coverage is essential for Diwali. Here’s how Mansi recommends we should get it. “In your palm, mix a single pump of B.B. cream with 3 – 4 drops of liquid highlighter.” Blend them together, dot it over your face and use a foundation brush to blend it into your skin.

Step 5– Over your cheeks, apply a peach toned shade with a large fluffy brush and blend it towards your temples.

Step 6 – For the finishing step, add a pop of lip colour. “Line your lips and fill them in with a bright shade to finish the makeup look,” recommends Mansi.

We can’t wait to see you sport this quick Diwali makeup look this festive season!

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