5 Ways To Prevent Diwali Pollution From Affecting Your Skin

While Diwali is known to be the festival of light, chances are you’ll come in contact with polluted, smoke-filled air too. Staying locked up in the house isn’t an option, but neither is exposing your skin to these pollutants. That’s why we’ve got a handful of skin care tips for you to follow and prevent the Diwali pollution from affecting your skin.

1. Give your skin a helping hand

With smog-filled air being your skin’s greatest adversaries during the festive season, give it a nudge in the right direction with moisturiser. Apply a layer of moisturiser before any makeup as this will nourish your skin from the get-go, regardless of whatever chemicals you face.

2. Sheet up

When you find yourself with a 30-minute window between functions and parties, wash your face thoroughly and slap on a sheet mask. Between the full face of makeup and pollution outdoors, your skin needs a quick shot of nourishment and a sheet mask will give you that in 20 minutes flat.

3. Never fail to protect

Don’t think that you can skip out on sunscreen just because it’s the festive season. In fact, you should be applying it even more! The polluted air has higher chances of affecting your skin and leaving it dry and dull. Sunscreen will not only keep those UV rays at bay but also provide a barrier against the pollution for your skin.

4. Scrub away

You might notice your skin feeling particularly grimy during the Diwali week which you can blame on the air pollution. To get rid of it, exfoliate your face twice a week gently. This will slough away dead cells and dirt for you to get noticeably clean, fresh skin.

5. Tank up

Water, the elixir of life, is also the solution to your Diwali skin care problems. Since pollution can sap your skin of moisture and leave it parched, combat this by hydrating from the inside with 2 – 3 litres of water everyday to keep your skin healthy and firm.

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