5 Festive Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try This Season

If you’ve gone through braids, bun and flowing waves and still can’t seem to come up with a fashionable hairstyle for the festive season, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked out a few stylish updo hairstyles for you to try this time around so you don’t need to fret anymore about festive hairdos.

1. The upside down French braid

For a festive touch, we’re turning the French braid on its head, quite literally. To get the upside down French braid hairstyle, first gather your entire hair length and separate the entire lower back section from it. Divide the base of the lower back section into 3 sections and begin braiding upwards. With every strand from the outer sections, add more hair under the section until you’ve reached the upper back area. Then add it into the rest of the gathered hair, twist and pin it up.

2. The messy low bun

A complete no-brainer updo hairstyle for the festivities is the messy low bun. Separate your crown section from the rest of your hair and use a teasing brush to backcomb for volume. Then use a curling tong to curl the ends of large sections of your hair. Separate 2 – 3 thin sections from either side and leave it loose. Then collect all your hair at the base of the nape, tie it in place and add an embellished hair pin.

3. The braided rolled bun

Collect all your hair at the back of your head and beginning from the end of your crown, start Dutch braiding your hair. To do this, add hair from the sides over the outermost section when being plaited. Do this until you reach the lower part of the hair then wrap the remaining length around the hair tie until all the hair has been used up.

4. The braided twisted knot

Comb your hair to get a smooth finish, then remove 3 inch sections from either side of the temple. Knot the rest of your hair at the nape. Then braid both sections into a 3 strand plait, loosen it and wrap it from the temples over and around the hair tie until all the hair has been used up.

5. The milkmaid braid

Brush your hair thoroughly, create a strong centre part and divide the entire hair into 2 large sections. Tie both of these sections into thick three strand braids. Wrap one of the braid from the back of the head across the front to the other side. Repeat this with the second braid across the other side. Use bobby pins to keep the braids in place.

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